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After training with Reuters in London, Elizabeth Pisani worked as a foreign correspondent for the world's largest news agency from 1987 to 1991. She was posted in Hong Kong, New Delhi and Jakarta, and was also sent to cover stories in other countries. These ranged from the very

challenging -- for example she was one of the few foreign journalists actually in Tiananmen Square when Chinese troops moved in at dawn on June 4 to put a violent end to a long-running popular protest -- to the rather less so. The first meeting of the Group of 15 non-aligned nations in Kuala Lumpur provides a clear contrast on the adrenalin front. During her time in Jakarta, Elizabeth also wrote regularly for The Economist.


While trailing around Indochina and Latin America in the early 1990s, Elizabeth filed occasional reports for publications such as The Economist, the International Herald Tribune and the Financial Times. She returned to journalism full time with the launch of the Asia Times, and idiosyncratic Thai-owned news paper with more budget than editorial professionalism. Her post as Bureau Chief for Indochina, based in Hanoi and covering Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, afforded glorious opportunities to delve into all manner of oddity, from money laundering in Cambodia to soap wars in Vietnam.


Many of the stories Elizabeth covered are posted on this site - although few from The Economist, whose electronic archives do not extend back into historical times. Copyright holders are acknowledged -- please contact them directly for any use of the material posted here.


Stories are organised into broad categories -- Politics and general news, Business finance and the economy, Feature articles and articles on HIV/AIDS and related subjects. There is much overlap between the categories, and you may find the same story indexed on more than one page. In addition, I have indexed some of my own Favourites; the selection relates more to the fun I had covering the story than it does to the quality of the reporting.


These stories represent ancient history. However in collecting them, it has been interesting to note the familiar and rather contemporary ring of many of the subjects covered -- corruption, labour unrest, accusations of neocolonialism, environment concerns in tourism and energy generation, etc. Plus que ca change, plus que c'est la meme chose.


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